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Bookkeepers and Accountants

Every Business should work with an Accountant when it comes to Tax Time. If you are only a small business or Sole Trader you may choose to do your own BAS every quarter or year but when it comes to end-of-year tax returns you should never go past an Accountant.

If you dread tax time and struggle to gather the right information for your Tax Agent to complete your returns you would benefit from engaging a Bookkeeper.

A Bookkeeper can help you to keep track of your financial transactions and provide meaningful data to your Accountant when it is time to prepare Tax Returns. Often your Accountant will thank you for engaging a bookkeeper because it also means less work for him.

It is important to consider that not every Bookkeeper has the same knowledge or accreditation so it is important to ask them how they can help you and what service they can provide to see if they suit your business needs.

Contact me today so we can have a chat!

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